Almond Satay​​

The traditional peanut satay of Thailand transformed with the euphoric taste of organic

creamed raw almonds fresh lemongrass,and spices swimming in a light coconut or almond milk. A vegan delicacy served over

 brown rice, noodles or veggies,

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow 4:42
Orsoly Zenthe

 Permanent Mission of the

Republic of Hungary to the United Nation


I am writing to let you know that

​​Dr. Merita is a very knowledge and experienced expert who treated me in 2001 for my various concerns in New York. As a result,of her treatment and her program in 2001, 

I am symptom free now a mother of

3 and still active as a diplomat for Hungarian Embassy in Budapest in 2015

             Sweet Desert Mochi​​

A traditional Japanese desert

made fresh each day using the traditional ingredients of organic sweet mochi brown rice, red bean

or sesame seeds dusted and

rolled in your choice of coconut, green matcha  or almond powder


STUFFED Japanese Kabocha

Organic Japanese Squash 

baked and stuffed with Organic Brown Rice, Sweet Red Onions, Marinated Baby Carrots in Extra Virgin Organic Italian Olive Oil broiled to a crusty brown with goat/sheep feta for veg heads or braised and layered pine nuts for vegans

        Macadamian Nut Pesto

Raw Hawaiian macadamian

nuts blended with organic

sweet basil, parsley, extra

Virgin Italian Olive oil, spices

and topped with Sun Dried Tomatoes .

Prepared  vegetarian (sheep pecorino romano) or vegan (papaya and tomato).

    Macrobiotic Vegetarian



Vegan Meals

 made  fresh everyday

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thanks Macrobioticmom with your

treatments for my fertility challenges.

After 5 years of unsuccessful attempts

and western treatments to become

pregnant, I became pregnant in two

months and now my son is 5 yeas old!


                 District attorney, Chicago


My daughter was born with a birth

disorder and was on feeding tubes

for 20 years.

She is now off her feeding tubes after

her 10 treatments.

My son was born with an inverted rib

cage and severe asthma for 18 years

which Dr. Hinds was able to reverse.

I owe everything to her.

                        Keith Lutz


I have just concluded  Dr. Hind's program where for the last 20 days she treated me for prostate cancer, a cancerous tumour where 6 inches of my large intestine was removed, chemotherapy, and coronary heart disease. I am now cancer free as supported by all the labs from my GP, and off all my medications. My liver was enlarged due to the chemo and I was covered in what was diagnosed as "old people's spots" but turned out to be squamous cell carcinoma of which all is in remission! Also, a 40 year fatty tumor under my my ribcage the size of a baseball is gone. I am extremely appreciate for all the work and attention Dr. Hinds gave to me and my family.

Dr. Eric Thomas Johnson

retired Dept. Head of Sociology,

UH Manoa, Hawaii